Balance Sheet Management Workshops

The Cross-Country Tour

The Concentra cross-country balance sheet management workshops have begun! On April 23rd, our Concentra team of experts was fortunate to have the attention of a terrific group of credit union professionals in Vancouver. The discussions that occurred throughout the day were empowering and reinforced to us that Concentra brings value to our credit union partners across the country.

The topics of the day focused on market updates and optimizing balance sheet strategies. Bruce Klassen, VP, Financial Markets started the day with an engaging economic update that stirred great debate about macroeconomic trends in Canada, US and Europe and what that means in the context of credit unions. He also discussed trends that Concentra sees among our credit union partners related to margin compression, interest rate risk and diversifying funding channels. I think this is all something that as a system we are dealing with collectively, so the debate was lively!

I had the pleasure to lead the next segment to present market trends in the residential and securitization markets. This included how financial institutions are leveraging the benefits of CMHC’s securitization programs and how credit unions have adopted this superb funding tool. I reinforced the strategic importance of this tool to assist in easing competitive pressures, funding challenges and margin issues effectively. The last part of my discussion focused on enhancing the understanding of the program risks and appropriately managing those risks.

Last and certainly not least, our resident foreign exchange (FX) expert Jenna Forbes presented our newly launched credit union FX solution to the audience. Jenna explained that this solution allows credit unions to offer FX services directly to their members. This solution will help your credit union expand the choices for products and services available to members, helping to deepen your relationship with your member. We’re very excited about the potential of the credit union FX solution as we roll it out across Canada!

I know I speak for my Concentra colleagues that after being a part of this great workshop, we look forward to future success in working with our B.C. partners to help them deliver system leading products and services to members.

For all of our Ontario partners, we’ll be in Islington, Toronto area, on May 8th. It’s not too late to register and we’d love to see you there!

As always, we welcome your feedback on the most topical issues that will help you optimize the performance of your balance sheet. Watch for our other workshops coming to your market soon.

Ryan Graham, VP, Residential Markets and Securitization

For information about our upcoming Ontario Workshop on May 8, 2014, please contact Valerie Smerchynsky, AVP, Strategic Relationship Management.

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