Expand financing options for your members

At Concentra Commercial Leasing Services, our focus for the past 16 years has remained unchanged. We are not in business to compete with credit unions, but rather to help position credit unions in the marketplace as a full-service financial service provider that offers a competitive lease product.

Our leasing product allows credit unions to offer their members a menu of equipment financing options as well as the greater financial capacity that comes along with sharing the load. Credit union staff and members enjoy a face-to-face relationship, which has long been the hallmark of credit unions, while our leasing staff assist behind the scenes to ensure the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. It’s a win-win situation.

Our staff has a combined history of over 208 years of experience in the co-operative system. Experience, honesty, respect, trust, and vision is what credit unions can expect from our leasing team – Bev, Brian, Darlene, Doug, Gail, Heather, Kelly, Lori, Marney, Mark, Morgan, Pam, Paulette, Peter, Roxanne, Scott, Starr, Terry and Wendy.

To be honest, when we first launched the leasing product in 1998 as CULEASE Financial Services we didn’t know what to expect; but, determined to succeed, we’ve come a long way.

Today, Commercial Leasing Services has thriving partnerships with 107 credit unions across Canada. Together, our goal is to compete and conquer in a financial environment dominated by the Canadian Western Bank, RBC Royal Bank, GE Capital Canada and others. We are well on our way with 2013 year-end results of;

  • $174 million in total leases under administration;
  • 17% growth of the credit union portfolio; and
  • record low delinquency rates.

If you are on board and already offering leasing as an option to your members, we appreciate it. If you want more information before you take the plunge, call us at 1-800-409-2029. We will connect you with the person best suited to answer all your questions.

Terry Wensley, General Manager, Commercial Leasing Services

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