Case Studies in Handling Estates: New eClass using a five-step approach to handling estates

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network to offer a personal trust-related eClass, a first for Concentra. Our Concentra Trust leading estate expert Joan McAulay has worked closely with the CUSOURCE team to create Case Studies in Handling Estates, specifically designed for credit union professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in handling estates.

In this interactive, scenario-based eClass, you will learn how to:

  • mitigate potential liabilities, preserve the member’s assets, protect the interests of the credit union; and
  • handle a number of common estate scenarios, each with escalating levels of challenge and complexity.

Build your competencies by working through a systematic, five-step approach that will help you successfully meet member needs and mitigate the risk of your credit union in estate situations. Facilitated by Joan McAulay, this course is comprised of a pre-work session, webinars and an independent study.

Case Studies in Handling Estates will be offered in June 2014 with three more additional sessions throughout the year. For more information or to register, please contact CUSOURCE Client Solutions at 1-888-367-1386 or

We extend our thanks to CUSOURCE for the opportunity to explore and share our national trust expertise in new ways for the benefit of credit unions.

Are you ready to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence with handling estates? Register today.

Joan McAulay, Trust Services Consultant, Trust RM & Sales
Concentra Trust, A wholly-owned subsidiary of Concentra Financial
Ph. 306-956-4956 or 800-788-6311 x4956

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