Reliable and Secure Online FX Trading for Credit Unions

487806549Our  two-tiered foreign exchange (FX) trading platform allows credit unions and credit union members to manage their foreign exchange needs online.

As a reliable and secure trading experience, the Tier I – Concentra FX* offers the following benefits to your credit union:

  • enhanced FX risk management
  • access to a variety of transactions (Spot, Forward, Swap and Order)
    • Watch this demo video to see how easy it is to do a spot transaction
  • USD/CAD, EUR/CAD currency trading
  • competitive rates sourced from multiple liquidity providers
  • same day settlement**
  • extensive analysis with comprehensive report functionality
  • daily foreign exchange market analysis

Concentra FX is truly a no hassle straight-forward FX trading system. Want to know what a user thinks of it? Check out our conversation with Andy Wu of Conexus Credit Union from the blog post last week.

Providing competitive FX solutions to credit unions is what we do. Contact us at Concentra FX team or 1-306-566-1747.

Happy trading!
Heather Verkoczy, Foreign Exchange Services Manager
Concentra Financial

*The trading platform is open in accordance with FX international markets. Trades can be booked between Sunday at 5:00 pm EST and Friday at 5:00 pm EST.

**Same day settlement not available in all provinces.

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