Reliable and Secure Online FX Trading – Part II

459193659Concentra offers a two-tiered foreign exchange (FX) trading platform that allows credit unions and credit union members to manage their foreign exchange needs online.

In a previous blog post, we told you about the Tier I – Concentra FX . Today, we’re letting you know about the Credit Union FX platform, a white label offering for members to trade with your credit union.

Foreign exchange is changing. Today, it is much more than currency conversion. Increasingly people and companies are turning to the FX market for the purposes of risk mitigation and dealing at prices formerly only available to financial institutions. Our Credit Union FX online platform allows your members to take advantage of these opportunities in the foreign exchange markets.  Built for high volume trading, it’s ideal for your commercial members who buy and sell U.S. products.

As a white label product, credit unions can brand this platform as their own with the credit union logo and colours. From your members’ perspective, this is a direct offering by your credit union available when and where they need it.*

Additional benefits to your credit union:

  • determine spread on member transactions and retains the revenue
  • manual costs are reduced
  • member does not have to be managed over phone or referred to third parties

Providing competitive FX solutions to credit unions is what we do. Contact us at Concentra FX team or 1-306-566-1747.

Happy trading!
Heather Verkoczy, Foreign Exchange Services Manager
Concentra Financial

*The trading platform is open in accordance with FX international markets.  Trades can be booked between Sunday at 5:00 pm EST and Friday at 5:00 pm EST.

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