Peace of Mind with Trustee Solutions

peace of mind, phrase written in vintage printing blocksBusiness transactions can be risky. A professional, impartial trustee is often needed to provide both parties with the assurance they need to proceed with the transaction confidently and successfully.

Did you know Concentra Trust offers a wide range of corporate trust solutions such as Cemetery and Funeral Trusts, Escrows, Forest Renewal Trusts, Life Lease Trusts and many more? We have national regulatory capacity, legislative proficiency and have been a trusted partner of Canadian credit unions and businesses for over sixty years.

Here is a little more detail on some of the widely used corporate trust solutions:

  1.  Cemetery and Funeral Trust – Assist cemetery boards and funeral homes to expand their service offerings by acting as trustee on behalf of their clients to ensure the safety of the client’s funds.
  2. Escrow – Provide trustee services to organizations during a share offering to fund a project and assuring the depositor the safety of their funds until the closing conditions are met. Some examples are Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) Escrow, Source Code Escrow and Share Escrow.
  3. Forest Renewal Trust – Act as a trustee of Forest Trust Renewal accounts helping to serve the needs of the government and the forest industry.
  4. Life Lease Trusts – Support the condo/housing board by acting as trustee of the lease deposits and refund funds as per the lease agreements.

Some of the prominent benefits for your members/clients when you partner with Concentra Trust include:

  1. Peace of mind with the knowledge that assets/funds are safeguarded
  2. Professional trustee services backed with experience
  3. Constant administration of trust funds
  4. Complete reporting to the clients
  5. National regulatory capacity
  6. Legislative proficiency

Our professionals at Concentra Trust understand and respect the complexity of all business transactions and will always look to provide value-added solutions to enhance and expand your business.

For any additional information on corporate trust opportunities, please feel free to email

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