Weekly Economic Update

For the week of May 1-5

GDP figures released from both Canada and the United States on Friday were lower than expected. In Canada, month-over-month growth stalled in February, with zero percent growth compared to an expectation of 0.1 percent growth. This difference is significant compared to the previous month when growth was 0.6 percent. On a year-over-year basis growth has not exceeded expectations, despite an uptick to 2.5 percent. February’s decreasing of manufacturing (down 0.6 percent) and production has fueled disappointment. Annualized quarter-over-quarter GDP growth in the United States was released at 0.7 percent, dropping from 2.1 percent in the prior reading and short of the expected 1.0 percent.

University of Michigan Sentiment dropped in the United States for April to 97.0 from a prior posting of 98.0. American’s view of the current economic condition decreased slightly from 113.2 to 112.7, while expectations for the future jumped to 87 from 86.5.

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Oil prices received some positivity on Friday as Russia stated they’ve met their required production cuts amounting to 300 thousand barrels. Prices ended the day up by .74 percent, but are down by .55 percent as of Monday, May 1. The Canadian dollar is currently trading flat against the US dollar.

Releases expected out of Canada this week will include international merchandise trades and employment figures. Canada is expected to have added 10K positions in April after adding 19.4K positions in March. Releases out of the United States will be seen for ISM manufacturing, ADP employment changes, trade balance, and employment figures. The Federal Reserve will also hold a policy meeting where a decision is expected to be released on May 3.

Source: Bloomberg

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